Greetings from the Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) Community Newsletter (July 13th, 2023)

We are delighted to present the 20th edition of our community newsletter, released on July 13th, 2023. Our primary objective is to provide you with indispensable insights, tactics, and guidance to enhance your experience with Azure Virtual Desktop.

As our community continues to flourish, we extend a warm welcome to all our new members. Whether you’re a seasoned IT professional or a novice in the realm of virtual desktop infrastructure, we invite you to engage in discussions, contribute your expertise, and offer valuable feedback. Your input is highly valued as it enables us to enhance our services and cultivate a nurturing environment for all.

Community Blog Contributions

Microsoft Links

What’s new in the Remote Desktop client for Windows
Read the full release info here: Updates for version 1.2.4419

Announcing General Availability of Confidential VMs in Azure Virtual Desktop
Confidential VMs (CVMs) are Azure’s virtual machines providing a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) with AMD’s SEV-SNP security features. They offer memory encryption and integrity protection to deny unauthorized access. Supported by Windows 11 versions, CVMs also feature confidential OS Disk Encryption and Integrity Monitoring. Trusted Launch, securing boot loaders, OS kernels, and secrets in VMs, is enabled by default for all Windows images.
Read the full announcement: GA Confidential VMs in AVD

Dev-optimized, cloud-based workstations—Microsoft Dev Box is now generally available
Microsoft’s Dev Box, a cloud-based workstation designed to optimize developer productivity, is now generally available. Announced at Microsoft Build 2022, it evolved from Azure DevTest Labs and Visual Studio Codespaces. Dev Box combines developer-optimized capabilities with enterprise-ready management. It integrates with the Azure Compute Gallery for customizable configurations and offers a specialized Developer Portal. Microsoft’s internal testing shows that Dev Box handles repos of hundreds of gigabytes and supports over 10,000 engineers. To learn more about how Dev Box could benefit your team,
Read the full announcement: Microsoft Dev Box is now generally available

Wrap up

As we conclude another edition of the AVD Community Newsletter, we want to extend our heartfelt gratitude for your unwavering support and active engagement. Your contributions, insights, and enthusiasm play a vital role in maintaining the vibrancy, inclusivity, and forward-thinking spirit of our community.

Stay connected with us through social media channels and join the ongoing conversations on the AVD Community forums. We look forward to your participation in upcoming events, webinars, and workshops. Together, let’s continue to cultivate a thriving ecosystem that drives innovation and success in the AVD industry.

Until we meet again, stay curious, stay informed, and stay connected.

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